Friday, January 21, 2011

Katherine's HW (turnaround/poses/villain design)

Pulling on a rope.
Climbing over fence/wall


AEGIS (villain)
Aegis never talks. Before being put in a suit of metal to originally
protect the world, Aegis was actually human. Her human brain is what only
remains from her previous body. Contracting a virus that attacks both A.I and human
minds, Aegis turned her back to the scientists and switched sides without choice.
Although she is "cold-hearted" questions humanity, she obeys all orders from higher ups (who
made vrius) and directs those below her. She is incredibly strong and knowledgable but it is hard to read what
she is thinking. When she finds something uninteresting, she will ignore it. If she
has a goal, she will work as much as she can to get it. Despite being once human, killing
does not bother her. Her main goal is to destroy the one that put her in the new body
regardless him trying to save the world from the Great War.

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