Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kevin's Bodybuilder and Quad Poses

Jen's Muscle Man and Cat Poses


Cat Poses:

Tori's bodybuilder and quad poses.

Black Giraffe Ballerina Dancer?

Will's quadruped poses

Will's princess poses and quadruped

Melissa's Body Builder and Quad Poses

Tala's Bodybuilder and Quad Poses


Quad Poses

Fetching the newspaper.

Leading the way. Maybe to save Timmy from the well.

Zephyr's strongman, animal poses

(pardon my symmetry)
(ps his chest hair is shaped like an eagle)

Kaitlyn Bodybuilder & Quadruped Poses

Shamus O'Mally! He is Ireland's champion strongman, and is as proud of his country as his country is of him.
And these are poses of my character Jumpin' Jack, the jackalope.

Will's Strongman: The Indominatable Kurt VonDennison!!!

Mike Lindsay Muscle Man + Poses

Sun just threw up in her mouth a little + quad poses

Monica. Bodybuilder.poses

Katherine's Bodybuilder and Poses

Cutie Sweetie Pie, he's 80% Retard 100% Adorable! by Piper Bradley

I ain't there but I got my homework done on time!

The shyest body builder.

Natalie's BodyBuilder and Quad poses