Thursday, February 3, 2011

Piper's designs

I will admit the structure of Jokers hips completely eludes me, but his face is sure fun to draw!


Design Idea: Create a love interest for Hades for a bad Disney sequel to Hercules. Create Persephone Goddess of the underworld and Spring. Sort of a rebirth kind of thing.

Myth: Persephone is kept in seclusion away from the other Gods by her overbearing Mother Demeter, Goddess of Life. Demeter shuns the advances of many fine male gods towards her daughter, ("Trust me Persephone, I know how the 'just one date' ends!") Hades captures Persephone, and takes her to the underworld. Demeter throws a hissy fit that tosses the world into Chaos and Zeus is forced to get involved and bring Persephone back upstairs.
While down in the underworld, however, Persephone is tricked into eating the seeds of a pomegranit, and once you eat food from the underworld you stay in the underworld.

So they work out a deal: Demeter gets Persephone for 3 seasons of the year and she hangs with Hades as his wife for the winter. 

Make something pretty that matches Hades, and if she ends up looking younger than 25 Disney gets sued for pedophilia. In Hercules style.

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